How a Growth Mindset Builds Your Potential

Feb 2

Explore strategies for developing your growth mindset to learn and excel in a variety of situations.

What happens when you are learning something new, and don’t quite understand the material right away or don’t pick up on concepts quickly? Do you:
A) Lean into the discomfort, stick with it, and tell yourself that with consistent effort, strategies, and support you can grasp it? 
B) Feel frustrated, lose confidence in your ability, and give up more easily? 
If you feel more connected to A – this aligns with a growth mindset, where you believe you can improve your ability and performance; while B is aligned with a fixed mindset, where you believe your abilities and intelligence can’t change or develop. It’s possible to feel both!

“It’s not intelligence, talent or education that sets successful people apart. It’s their mindset, or the way that they approach life’s challenges”

As a student and in your career pursuits, seek out opportunities and explore strategies for developing your growth mindset.

Tips for Developing Your Growth Mindset

Situation: Experiencing an Academically Challenging Class

  • Try new study strategies when you’re stuck 
  • Ask for help
  • Focus on learning, not just outcomes 

Situation: Preparing for an Interview

  • Create a list of projects you completed that you didn’t think were achievable and how you pushed through 
  • Look for examples of situations that demonstrated your problem-solving skills 
  • Reflect on mistakes or setbacks and how you grew from them 

Situation: Starting a New Position

  • Ask for constructive feedback and see it as a learning opportunity 
  • Look for opportunities to challenge yourself 
  • Be curious and open 
Believing in your ability to grow and improve is a beautiful thing and can open you up to new perspectives, strategies, opportunities, relationships and possibilities. 
What is one area where embracing a growth mindset could be beneficial to you?

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