Money Management

Empower your financial well-being. Dive into resources that will give you budgeting hacks, smart savings plans, support with your new loan, and so much more, all curated to guide you towards financial independence. 
Quick Tips

Financial Skills Kickstart

Wondering how to manage your money wisely? These quick video guides are your starting point to build solid financial habits. 
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Student Finance 101

Explore what financial wellness means for students and learn about a few key things that can impact your financial wellness.  

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Budgeting in College 

Master the art of managing money with practical tips for budgeting effectively while pursing your education. 

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Financial Wellness Tips

Get four key recommendations to built and maintain financial wellness that will support you during your studies and beyond. 

Money Management Resources

Essential Financial Resources

Master Your Money

Learn to manage money wisely with foundational tips for budgeting and saving. 

Understanding Interest

Learn the essentials of how interest works in <5 minutes with this easy-to-follow learning module. 

Paying On-Time

Understand what to do if you find yourself in a situation where you are unable to make a loan payment. 

Loan Terms Decoded

Get a clear explanation of common loan terms with this straightforward, downloadable guide.
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Navigating Finance 

Personalized Guidance

Success Coaching with AscentUP

Unlock your full potential with AscentUP's one-on-one coaching. Our seasoned coaches deliver customized strategies and personalized insights to help you reach your goals. 
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Dive into Unlimited Possibilities

Take your learning journey to the next level with additional resources inside AscentUP. 


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