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Stressed about choosing the next role to pursue? Finding your career fit can be approached from many different angles. The following paths can be completed in any order, so click on a tile to get started and see what strategy works best for you. Each path has a short brainstorming exercise at the end, so make sure you have something handy to take notes with!

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One Step at a Time

Not sure where to start? Check out our practical approach to navigating your career search. 
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Land Your Dream Internship

Make you next internship or job search seamless with our top tips and tricks.
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Networking: Be In the Arena

Networking can be intimidating. Here's our take on how to make it actionable and authentic. 

All-In-One Career Guide

Download a handy PDF of everything covered in our Career Exploration micro-courses.

Bright Futures™ Engine

Input your university and major to get data on your projected average starting salary and more!

Personalized Career Guidance

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